Monday, August 20, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 3

Well, if you couldn't already tell, I absolutely LOVE Beyoncé Knowles! This woman needs no introduction (and if you don't know about Beyoncé, you musta been living under a rock since forever) so I'm just going to jump right into posting some of my favorite music from her. The first Words & Sounds post dedictaed to Bee is going to have a funk theme.

Beyoncé never ceases to amaze me: whether she's working on new music, creating music videos for every song on an incredible album (like the B'Day Anthology Video Album), or making wonderful movies that once again give her the chance to show off those vocals (like Dreamgirls)...

Going back to one of Beyoncé's earliest solo works and one of her first films, Austin Powers 3: Goldmember, is the funk-inspired song "Work It Out". The beat is very throw-back and I really like the way my body wants to move when this song comes on.

And from Dangerously In Love, I really enjoy "Hip-Hop Star" because it also has a funky kinda beat which mixes so well with Beyoncé's sexy vocal abilities. This track features rap from Big Boi (who recently guest-starred on Girlfriends) and Sleepy Brown.

I think my all-time favorite track from Beyoncé is "Suga Mama". From B'Day, this song has such a funky vibe that is still so damn sexy and the beat just makes you wanna move and let Beyoncé work on me being her man and me letting her be my sexy "Suga Mama."

Daaaamn Beyoncé is so hot! Enjoy ya'll!

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