Friday, August 24, 2007

Jill Scott LIVE from VH1 Soul Stage

Jill Scott has been chosen as a special artist and VH1-Soul gave her a concert special called SoulStage which has just begun airing on the VH1 Soul channel. I know that on the East Coast it is airing tonight at 9pm and tomorrow at both noon and 8pm, and I'm sure it will continue to air through August and probably sporadically into September.

But if you are unable to catch it, or if you don't have digital cable or whatever, has uploaded all of Jill's performances from the concert special for your viewing pleasure. They even have a web-exclusive version of Jill performing "Hate On Me" which was not aired with the original concert on TV.

The setlist was this:
1. The Real Thing
2. The Way
3. Whenever You're Around
4. A Long Walk
5. Golden
[6. Hate On Me]

Jill really killed it on these performances and it is so nice to see her getting the respect she deserves as a featured artist! The performances were so wonderful, solidifying my love of Jill of course and of her first two albums and it also got me super-excited for her upcoming project.


Gifted said...

Does anyone know where I can order a copy of the Jill's VH1 Soul Stage Performance? I would really appreciate if someone could tell me.


MAC said...

I would absolutely love a copy too! But I searched and searched on VH1's store and couldn't find a damn thing about it... let's email VH1!