Friday, August 17, 2007

"Irremplazable" Spanish EP from Beyoncé

Well, I absolutely love Beyoncé and hearing her sing in my favorite language was like a fantasy for me, and now she is releasing an entire EP of her Spanish material, which makes me extra happy! This EP, entitled "Irremplazable," will be available in music stores but there is a Wal-Mart exclusive that comes with an exciting DVD as well.

The EP includes 8 tracks (7 in Spanish and 1 remix of Get Me Bodied featuring a Timbaland beat and extra lyrics from Latin artist Voltio) and include the stemy duet with Alejandro Fernandez "Amor Gitano," the Spanish versions on "Irreplaceable (Irremplazable)" and "Listen (Oye)" as well as 3 different versions of "Beautiful Liar" (in Spanish, Spanglish, and a remix with Shakira in English) as well as a Nortena remix by Rudy Perez of "Irremplazable." Below you can find the description of the DVD from their website:

<< This Wal-Mart exclusive two pack includes a DVD featuring behind the scenes/in studio making of the Spanish EP. Behind the scene with Shakira and Alejandro Fernandez, live performance "Irreplaceable" in Spanish/English on the The Early Show. Behind the scene Beyoncé "Experience" Tour. Live tour performances, Beyoncé interview, commitment to her Latin fans. Behind the scene band rehearsals, behind the scenes "People Espanol" photo shoot. In studio behind the scene "Listen" Spanish. >>

So, come August 28th, run out to your local Wal-Mart and snatch this gem up!

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