Thursday, August 30, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 5

Thanks to Ali's Blog, a new track from Ashlee Simpson's as-yet-untitled third album has leaked to the internet. There has been some speculation as to the name of the track, but my favorite title from the list is "Keep Me In The Dark." I have seen the song titled as "Get Away With It" and "Get Away With Murder" as well as "I Don't Wanna Fight", which makes no sense, but out of the first three I kind of took to "Keep Me In The Dark" although "Get Away With Murder" is also equally good. Unfortunately, this version of the song is 'tagged' which means that some robotic woman comes on throughout the song and reminds us all that it is just a demo. I just can't wait until the HQ version is released on iTunes so I know it's good and official ;)

The song has a real fun vibe to it, and the rapping features Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. At first listen I wasn't so sure about it, but after a few spins, I really like the beat and it is so nice to hear Ashlee singing again. The beats are very island-y and should have been released as a summer song, but better late than never. For your downloading pleasure, here is Ashlee Simpson - "Keep Me In The Dark" (f/ Travis of Gym Class Heroes)!

What do you think of the song? Which title do you think sounds best?

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MARRY said...

I FUCKIN LOVE ASHLEE SIMPSON and I would do anything to hear her new songs but right now, I can't stand this fuckin voice about whatever copyright is. AArgh it makes me mad.