Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Real Thing album cover & tracklisting!

To the right is a small version of the beautiful album cover for The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 from Jill Scott, and the following is the official tracklist for the album as well as the producers next to each song name (special thanks to Nuccio at the Hidden Beach message boards!):

1. Breathe - Sa Ra
2. Real Thing – Dre & Vidal
3. Rightness – Dre & Vidal
4. Hate On Me – Adam Blackstone
5. Come See Me – JR Hutson
6. Imagination – JR Hutson
7. Crown Royal – JR Hutson
8. My Love – Adam Blackstone
9. Insomnia – Omari Shabazz
10. How’s It Make You Feel - Stokely Williams
11. Only You – Tyrone Goldstein
12. Wanna Be Loved - JR Hutson
13. Whenever You’re Around – JR Hutson
14. Epiphany – Scott Storch
15. Celibacy Blues – Jill & The Band
16. I Don’t Know – Karma Productions
17. All I – Adam Blackstone

This is so exciting! The songs may be in a different order, but at least we know all the names of the songs! I am just getting so ready for this album release on September 25th....

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