Monday, August 6, 2007

Introducing... Ashlee Simpson

Another of my all-time favorite artists is Ashlee Simpson. Now, before ya'll jump down my throat and start calling Ashlee a lip-syncher or anything else that's negative, I will have you know right now that I have been to three of her live shows, and she really CAN and DOES sing... and well at that! Her concerts have been a real enjoyable time and Ashlee puts on a really great show with great vocals.

Anyway, as an introduction, Ashlee Simpson burst onto the scene in the summer of 2004 with her number-one album Autobiography and hit single "Pieces of Me." Her entertaining reality show, aptly titled The Ashlee Simpson Show, showcased the making of her album as well as showed the down-to-earth loveable side of the younger Simpson sister.

Only 15 months later, Ashlee released her second number-one album I Am Me, another album full of great songs. Although the album had some real winners on it, I felt that the promotion was done very poorly and the singles chosen were not Ash's best work. After a shaky first time on SNL, Ashlee flawlessly performed a song written about her first experience on the show on her comeback to Saturday Night Live after that whole first-time acid reflux fiasco that brought on all the hate. But like the trooper that Ashlee Simpson is, she held her head up high and continued doing her thing, which is why I love her!

Look out for many more posts about Ashlee on Oh Hell Yes!, including music, my personal tour photos and videos, and news about Ashlee's third upcoming album, due out in late Fall of this year! Ashlee will be heading in a different directon yet again with this album, more of a soul and spiritual sound, so I am beyond looking forward to that... Stay hooked!